Hello! Welcome to our blog! We are a couple of cycling world travelers, Milo and Kelly, and this is where we share stories and photos of all of our travels since we got together in 2011. We have seen, been to, and done so many incredible things throughout our relationship that you can read about on this blog.



Why Bikes?

We strive to limit our dependency on the auto industry and use our bicycles because we have seen in our own lives how much cars contribute to war, environmental degradation, the unsavory mentality for speed and convenience no matter the cost, and more.

Besides, we love riding our bikes!


11 responses to “Introduction

  1. Just met you both at a stop along the Old Route 66, in the California High Desert. I admire you spirit of adventure, and wish I had the guts (and youth) for such a trip. Best of luck to you.

  2. Wow! So jealous of you two. So great that you are capable of doing this. Looking forward to blog updates… Be safe

  3. HI Mark and I were so happy that we were able to give you a ride at Zion park. Enjoy you ride and be safe. Annalisa

  4. Hi Kelly and Mi
    I met both of you 2 weeks ago outside the Chuck Wagon Market in Torrey. I’m the guy from Santa Barbara. I just returned to SB last Tuesday. I think it’s great what both of you are doing and wish you the best on your wonderful adventure.
    Buen Viaje!
    Bob Barker

    • It’s so good to hear from you and all the people we meet along the way! So glad you’re reading the blog and interested in our progress. Say hello to the ocean and perfect weather for us. We miss it dearly!

  5. HI KELLY & MI

  6. I am so proud of you, Kelly!! Keep up the good work. Kiss and hug Alicia and the boys for me.
    Love, Diana

  7. Hi Kelly & Mi,
    John and I met you in GJ Colorado and took you hiking with us one day. I was thinking of you and hope you are both doing well.

    • Shelly and John,
      It’s so good to hear from you two! We really enjoyed our stay with you and the hike that you took us on in Mee canyon! We hope you’re doing well these days! We have been falling behind (very busy!) but will update the blog shortly!

  8. Well Kelly, it sounds like you have the same affect on everyone you encounter!! We all want to be a part of your adventure! Hope you are started on your knitted hat. Great meeting you and your friend. Safe journey….. from another Kelly:)

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