Welcome to our Blog!

Hi! We’re glad you have made it here to learn about our journey.

What We Are Doing:

Our goal is to ride our bicycles more than 4,000 miles, through 9 states, from Ventura, CA to Vancouver, BC.

Why We Are Doing It:

We are dedicating our bicycle adventure to Action Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger by treating malnourished children, and providing sustainable solutions to hunger, sanitation and clean water.

Why Bikes?

Kelly and I have struggled free of the auto industry to become bicycle commuters because we have seen in our own lives how much cars contribute to war, environmental degradation, the unsavory mentality for speed and convenience no matter the cost, and more.

Besides, we love riding our bikes!

What You Can Do:

Click Here to donate to Action Against Hunger!

You have one lifetime to make an impact. What will your legacy be?

Kelly Glasses, Mexico

4 responses to “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Got the site bookmarked! Can’t wait to follow your adventure. I love you both and am proud of your dedication!!!

  2. hello girls its me Maria your vecina la de 124 w prospect
    te acurdas .
    como estan ?

    espero q este bien . siganle con ganas

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