We’re Gearing Up To Go!

The last few months have been dedicated to non-stop preparation. We have been juggling our current jobs with working on our bicycles, collecting the necessary bicycle/camping gear, creating turn-by-turn maps of our journey, networking on couchsurfing.org, corresponding with the school we will teach at in China, filling out visa paperwork, visiting doctors for physicals and vaccinations, packing to moving out of our house, and clearing space to store our stuff at our respective parents’ homes. Needless to say, we are busy! Here’s Kelly working on her bike at Bicicentro in Santa Barbara. This is us working on our bikes in our almost empty house. This is all of our gear. It will fit neatly in 8 pannier bags. Seriously! This is the first leg of the journey. And this is the second map! Sometimes everything we have to do before we leave becomes overwhelming, but we are making good progress. Most of the time, we are excited to work out the details of our journey because it is like putting together the puzzle of our future. We are currently planning to leave Ventura on March 21st, and hope to raise $500 that will go to Action Against Hunger. We already received two donations from Gypsy Death Star, and Holy Raptor. Thanks for your generous donations!                                                          What You Can Do: Click Here to donate to Action Against Hunger!

3 responses to “We’re Gearing Up To Go!

  1. Congrats on gearing up for this marvelous adventure! All the best & I’ll follow the journey as the updates come.

  2. Looking forward to updates of your journey. Know you’ll be in my heart and thoughts.
    Love, nan

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