Greetings from the road!

Hello from the road! We are three days into our trip and we are doing well, despite the rain that has kept us in Canyon County today. So far our two days of riding have gone smoothly. We departed with much fanfare at just after 7 on Friday morning, surrounded by family, dogs, and a reporter and photographer from the VC Star (keep an eye out for us in the paper!).


A break with the trains in Fillmore, CA

Leaving was hard and tearful but we were glad to finally start this trip that has been much on our minds for so long. Our first stop was in Fillmore where we waited out the heat of the day visiting with Kelly’s friend Carina’s mom Vanessa. Then we hit the road again. A way down the road we are flagged down by Kelly’s long time friend from Fillmore, Carina going to Long Beach to perform with her band.

We rode about 55 miles that day so by the afternoon we were eager to bed down for the night. Our original plan was to make it to a boy scout camp at Lake Castaic but we were deterred by the impending sunset. We went to a recreation area nearby and found a spot to set up, only to be uprooted by the lifeguards Alex and Oscar, who packed us into their trucks, tent still pitched, to the campground at the other side of the lake.


We set up between a family in huge decked out “harry potter” tents and what turned out to be a dozen rowdy sorority sisters. Tired and a little sunburned we got ready for bed only to find that Kelly’s sleeping pad was missing. She jumped back on her bike to ride the half mile back around the other side of the lake to our original spot to search for the pad. It wasn’t there.


On the road. Photo taken by Carina Downing.

We had to wait until morning to contact the lifeguard station to check the truck. So we spent the night in one sleeping bag sharing a mummy sized pad. The next morning after a fitful night interrupted by loud music and drunken college students Kelly managed to snag a security guard to take her up “cardiac arrest hill” to the lifeguard station to get the rogue sleeping pad (thanks, Scott, for the ride and good conversation!). On the road again a bit sleepy and late we rode through some busy towns where the traffic slowed us down so we only made about 35 miles. Imminent rain and the promise of a hot shower and uninterrupted sleep directed us to the nearest motel, where we are now waiting out the storm.

Thanks to Scott King for tricking out our sweet rides. Check out his work at: re-cyclery ventura

Thanks to Emily and Brandon for delivering the most essential of essentials, peanut butter. And for letting us drag them around shopping for bike pants and health food.

Thanks to Mandy, Mi’s mom, for trading phones so we could have the iPhone that makes this and so many other things possible. And for her generous contribution to Action Against Hunger.

Thanks to Grammy Vee for her life saving gift to Action Against Hunger.

Thanks Ashley vanHuis for your donation, it is much appreciated!

Love to all our readers!

(if anyone has been trying to contact Milo, they have a different number and all their contacts are in another phone. As we’re on the road, email will probably be the best form of contact. Email your number!)


Kelly on a mountain observing the coming storm.


3 responses to “Greetings from the road!

  1. Congrats on the start. You two will get into the swing of things as the journey progresses. All the best!

  2. Hey Guys, Great update on the trip so far. It almost makes me feel like I’m there with you. We and the dogs miss so much already. Love, Mom

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