Getting Acquainted With Mianyang


Watching one of the dozen firework shows that happen on a weekly basis. This one is across the street from our apartment. We are watching it from our balcony.


Flaggs bar in downtown Mianyang. A British style pub. Expensive, but sometimes the feeling of home is worth every yuan.


Dart board at Flaggs

 ImagePool Table and Friends at Flaggs.


Foos Ball at Flaggs.

The Gang at Flaggs

The holiday supply shop downtown, which will soon have Halloween costumes, and Christmas decorations.

Roasting chestnuts on the back of a bicycle.

Bao zi (bread with either meat or veggie filling) with Shelly and Amanda.

Moon cakes in stores for the moon festival which begins in the beginning of October.

Look closely at the brand.

Electronic toys for sale on the floor in a market.

We made poor Milo try on wigs. We all were pretty horrified, and agreed Mi looks much better with short hair.

A kid with a heart shape shaved into his hair.

Every morning someone begins their days work sweeping up the debris.

On the bus.

On the bus.

A stoic man taking the recycling out.

We are still getting the rock star treatment. Our students crowding around on break getting a picture of the young foreign teachers.

Feeding the fish at the school pond.

Feeding the fish bread at the school pond.

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