Hi! We’re glad you have made it here to learn about our journey.


What We Are Doing:

We are living in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, China teaching English at TianFu College of Southwest University of Finance and Economics. During our year in China we will explore this country and other countries in the region.

What’s Next?

We are applying to graduate school at several schools around the world. The next chapter of our adventure will begin the summer of 2013.



What We Were Doing:

We rode our bicycles more than 2,700 miles, through 7 states, from Ventura, CA to Missoula, MT.

Why We Were Doing It:

We dedicated our bicycle adventure to Action Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger by treating malnourished children, and providing sustainable solutions to hunger, sanitation and clean water.

Why Bikes?

Kelly and I have struggled free of the auto industry to become bicycle commuters because we have seen in our own lives how much cars contribute to war, environmental degradation, the unsavory mentality for speed and convenience no matter the cost, and more.

Besides, we love riding our bikes!

What You Can Still Do:

Click Here to donate to Action Against Hunger!

You have one lifetime to make an impact. What will your legacy be?!



Kelly Glasses, Mexico

7 responses to “Info

  1. Hey Kelly & Mi,

    A waiter at Oscars in Springdale UT gave me your cars. I have been cycling from Palm Springs to Colorado. I am impressed by the nobleness of raising awareness for a cause greater than yourselves as part of your adventure. I hope to do something like that on my next tour. Although I cycled across the US a few years ago, I am in fact a Canadian from Calgary. I understand you will be passing through my hometown. If you are looking for a place to crash while you are there I can definitely host you, or if I am not in the city at that time I can put you in touch with some good people. Let me know if I can be of help and good luck with the rest of your tour!

    PS you may also consider looking into the web community if you haven’t already.


    • Thanks, Ted! It’s funny that you heard about our story that way. We will certainly get into contact with you as we get closer to your neck of the woods. We would be happy to meet you and share our mutual cycling experiences.

      Keep on pedaling!

  2. “Let’s the sun shining generously ” while you are cycling…..We follow you and admire you…
    Danielle from a Belgian group met at Capitol Reef…

  3. Hello Kelly and Mi,
    It was a pleasure running into you at the Wyoming rest stop. I hope you’re enjoying your uphill climb to Togwotee Pass. It’s such a beautiful ride! I’m loving your website. It’s always so interesting to me to see what other cyclists are doing, where they’re coming from, where they’re going, and why. If you get a chance, keep tabs on me at, and I’ll be sure to check in on your journey from time to time. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. The world needs more of you. Best of fortunes to you both.
    – Larry Davis

  4. Hello Kelly and Mi,

    My mom Patty met you at a taco truck in Dillion, MT, last week and passed your info- so cool! I’m starting my run from the Olympic Penninsula in Washington to Miami on 6/21 to fundraise private school tuition for two awesome kids I care about and am very inspired by your story. Are you on twitter? Microblogs suit my ADD attention span and I would love to follow your progress. Hope the road is treating you well!
    Greg Hamblock

  5. Hey guys! Dale here, I hope you never needed that pepper spray! I see that your overseas now…..I’m back down in New Mexico and fall is coming on.

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